What We Provide

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Food Pantry

At the Chrysalis House, we provide a pop-up food pantry stocked with non-perishables, and vegan options and resource center stocked with menstrual products, condoms, and clothes for single parents, QBIPOC+ & Sex Workers.

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Holistic Health

The Chrysalis House offers Holistic Health which includes Tantric Touch, and therapeutic services. We also offer emotional/mental health for QBIPOC & Sex Workers and educational services for adults and body-positive sexEd for youth virtually.



We have chosen the name Decriminalize Colorado to signal respect for the values and work of longer standing Sex Worker led policy groups around the nation like DecrimNY, Decriminalize Seattle, and DecrimNow in DC.

Follow this link if you are a Colorado Sex Worker, Ally, or a National Community Partner who would like to sign on to support our efforts!

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