Rules of The Chrysalis House

The Chrysalis House is a space for Sex Positive Culture and welcomes everyone, regardless of gender, orientation, race, religion, ability, disability, or body type.

The Core Rules Of The Chrysalis House LCA:

  • Self-Awareness

  • Humility

  • Transparency

  • Clear

  • Explicit

  • Informed

  • Enthusiastic 

These are the pillars of The Chrysalis House LCA and are required in all events.

  • Practice self- awareness. 

  • Be humble within all actions within The Chrysalis House LCA. 

  • Be transparent with your intentions, wants and needs.

  • Be clear in your language, understanding and emotions.

  • Be explicit with your anticipations, wants and needs.

  • Be informed in regards to what The Chrysalis House LCA stands for and what we represent.

  • Be enthusiastic about being a part of the change presented to you by The Chrysalis House LCA.

Privacy and Confidentiality:

We take our members’ and guests’ privacy and confidentiality seriously. Do not “out” other people you see here. Phones, computers, or other devices are not allowed in Posted Rooms in the event space. Please keep them inside your bags.


All interactions MUST be consensual and all consent should be CLEAR, EXPLICIT, ENTHUSIASTIC and INFORMED and should be obtained before any activities begin. Do not touch anyone or any possessions without prior consent. Consent cannot be
obtained through coercion, pressure, or misdirection, and any attempt to do so will not be tolerated. If you feel pressured by anyone, please see a volunteer right away.

Guest Policy: All The House Members are permitted to bring non-member guests to our events. Guest entry to the event needed to be purchased in advance along with member entry tickets. Anyone bringing a guest is responsible for the behavior and understanding of their guest. Please prepare your guests. Be sure they are familiar with the event’s culture
and The House’s rules. You must be prepared to talk them through any concerns they have throughout the evening. Members are required to arrive with or before their guests and the guests may not stay at The House after the member leaves. If you arrive before your guest, please let the cashier know that you are expecting someone and be available to sign them in when they arrive.


Outside the building:

  • Attire must be “street-legal

  • No TERFs or SWERFs

  • Anti-Racism is Expected

Inside the building:

  • No cell phones or other electronic devices capable of recording will be allowed in the “No Photo/No Film” posted spaces.

  • Pay attention to posted signs.

  • Do not enter any areas that are marked as no entry.

  • Clean up after yourself quickly, ask a volunteer if you need assistance with cleaning

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